Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CardMaker - U Inspire Me

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to tell you that my first post as a member of the CardMaker Blog Team is up today
on the CardMaker Blog.  My assignment for the day was 'U Inspire Me'.  For this assignment, we find something that inspires us, and use it to spark our creativity.

My inspiration today came from something I saw while wasting time, browsing Pinterest.

Hope you will check it out!

Patti J.


Glittered Paws said...

Thank you for the special message in your post - and the first post is totally awesome - you rocked it friend.

Sarah Ashley Posch said...

Great post and card, Patti. I'm especially impressed, because I've always been lousy at trying glitter!

Cheryl W said...

Your post was fabulous, Patti. Left a comment for you there.

Beth Norman said...

Yes indeed, a wonderful post. Your card was truly fabulous. You go girl!

Melisa Waldorf said...

YOU! Go girl! Just stopped by the CardMaker blog and left you some love!

Sharon Underwood said...

Way to go, Patti! Your card looks beautiful. I'm sure you had some wonderful memories while creating it with all the glitter.

Taunya Butler said...

Popped over to give your card a looksie and here's what I thought: Awesomely done - I am tickled pink about all that glitter!! IN love with that technique of the double stick tape - gonna try it out soon!! Hugs to you!!!!