Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advice needed....itsy bitsy candy involved!

Mornin' peeps!

Since you are the smartest audience in the world... I need some advice!

I have been doing some work over the last year or two with digi images. However, I have a couple of problems I need your help with:

1. No matter what CS I use, or what I do to prepare it, my ink smears when I try to color. I've tried heat setting, etc.

2. I am SO SO SO tired of my printer jamming when I try to run CS through it.

So, my two issues are listed above! I am going to go tomorrow to buy a new printer. I would love some insight from all of you who print digi images. What type of printers do all of you have that 1. don't jam, and 2. don't smear...???

To make it fun, I have one of those darling little clear stamps from JoAnn's (a holly leaf) that I'm just dying to give away! On Saturday, I will draw a name from anyone who comments on this post, and someone will get happy mail next week :)

Please help me find the right printer, because we all know that 'if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'!!!

Hugs, and blessings to all - it's almost a weekend!

Patti J.
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Barb said...

Be sure to get a Laser jet instead of an ink jet printer... no way to smear THAT :) I have an Oki printer, but I would think any laser would do the trick. I have heard that there are ink jet inks out there that don't smear, but I'm not sure what the names are... hope that helps :)

Theresa's Studio said...

Am not from the smarter audience, but I have been printing on CS for some time. I use HP printers and have never had any problem with smearing even when I colored with Copics. I print all the time on a lot of different CS. The only CS that has ever jammed on me is GKD PL Heavy White CS that is 120 lbs. If you are shopping locally, maybe you can take a sample of your CS and try printing on it if the retailer will let you.

Suzanne said...

Patti, I have a lexmark and an hp. To date, neither of them have jammed using cardstock. I initially disliked digi's because of the smearing issue. So, recently a friend gave me some neena - no smears. Then, I tried TAC's whites, they didn't smear either. Georgia Pacific smears every single time for me. Hope this helps.

Auntie Em said...

As someone already mentioned, the laser printer is the best for stopping smearing. If the printer uses dye ink, there is always a chance of the dreaded smear. Some printers may use a pigment ink but the inks are usually more expensive as well as making the printer more expensive.
As for the thicker cardstock problem, check to see what the manufacturer recommends. I had an old Epson that would handle almost anything. It fed through the back almost flat and was adjustable for thicker paper. If it has to bend from a tray in the front and curve around to put it out in the front, it's probably not good for heavy materials.
Good luck with your shopping trip!

Thebug415 said...

The only CS I have ever gotten to go through my printer is the Georgia Pacific 100lb CS you can buy at Walmart. It is a HUGE ream of CS for cheap too. I have been using the same stack for a year now.

Dawnll said...

I use Neenah paper for my digital images.
I also only use HP printers. I LOVE my newest one.
It is a photosmart plus- print, scan and copy in one.
They have wonderful deals online at HP. I have three friends that have since gone and bought the same model after they spent oodles of money on a laser printer and it wouldn't pick up their vellum or neenah paper.
We are all thrilled with the quality and price. It also doesn't cost an arm or leg to buy ink.
So there is my two cents. LOL

redwasher1 said...

Patti, I'm no expert here and I don't do a lot of digi printing but some. I have Epson Artisan 810. I haven't had any problems with smearing, but my daughter has a laser and she loves it.

Patti P. said...

Patti, I have been printing a few digitals over the last 8 months and I don't have a lot of problems with smearing, although I do use 140 lb watercolor paper the most. My printer is a Brother MFC-465 and the paper rolls around, I usually remove some of the copy paper and lay my heavy paper in kind of lightly...most of the time this picks up fine and comes right through. Once in a while it will jam and then I just remove it and try again. I have found if you pack the card stock or watercolor paper in mine too tightly, it does not want to pick it up. I hope we haven't been more confusing as we all seem to use different things. Good luck in finding your answer.

Yvonne Russell said...

I have a Brohther Laser Printer and have no issues with printing then colouring with twinkling H20's, watercolour, watercolour pencils etc.

The thicker card is something I'm battling with as well. My printer doesn't have a manual feed, but if you have that option, it may be worth seeing if you can feed through a single piece of thicker card.

My local Scrapbooking store has a 12 inch printer which of course, takes 12 inch designer paper and card. But I wondered whether that sort of printer as it appears tailor made for scrapbooking, would also cater for different thicknesses of paper and card.

All the best with your explorations and will be interested to know what you decide on in the end.

Amy Johnson said...

I've had two 'cheap' printers from Dell that I have used ever since I started to work with Digitals and neither one has ever had cardstock jam nor has the ink smeared. It's when I work with 'stamped images' that the ink smears, thats why I moved to digital. My printers only cost about $99.99. Right now I have the Dell V305 printer. Also, did you know that everyime you print on cardstock you need to change the setting to 'cardstock'?

Anonymous said...

I have an HP Laser Jet's a big machine, to be sure..but I love the quality and non smearingness of the ink! especially when I watercolour over top of something I've printed. The ink is burned on with heat...or should I say heatset..and therefore does not run off your page!

it also feeds the Cstock paper in straight instead of having to bend it right around in order to make it's way through as it does with regular inkjet printers.

the only thing prepared to spend way more on the ink..but the consolation in that is that the ink lasts much much much much really in the long run, you are saving!
I hope this advice has been of help to you!

I would love to be entered into the giveaway fun!
Thanks for coming by to visit with me as well! and I do really need to say that your last comment really made me grin from ear to ear! You are too kind!

I've published four days worth of blog posts'll have to come by with your coffee in hand and stay a bit!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

I use GKD 80lb cardstock in my HP laser printer and it works great! My old Lexmark worked fine with pencils, but smeared with Copics. The Neenah paper is great too...and there's another one as well that is great with ink and Copics but I can't think of the name off hand.

Georgia said...

I will have to read these comments for tips! I have trouble with certain colors bleeding.

I left something for you on my blog.

Maria Matter said...

cant wait to hear how you made out with a printer patti!
we have so many printers in the house, but the one i use most of the time for my digis is a canon. a very inexpensive one that came with a computer bundle at one time. I've never had a problem with ink smearing. for cardstock, I use anything from cheap white from walmart to heavy watercolor paper, never really had a jam unless I was using an uneven scrap that hit one roller and missed another. In other words the paper was pulled in crooked.
I really hope your new printer solves these problems hun so you can get on with your lovely crafting!
hugs & blessings