Monday, February 20, 2017

Project of the Week - Stamping on Photos

Good morning!

I'm the Monday morning hostess at The House that Stamps Built. It's my turn to share a 'Project of the Week' with all of you.  Today, I chose 'Stamping on Cards' as my topic for the day.

If you are a very patient person, there's nothing to this technique.
However, patience is not my strongest asset!

For today's tutorial, I'm using these Repeat Impressions stamps:

Let's get started!

First, you will need an ink that works on non-porous materials.
I've found that these three inks work best. StazOn is my favorite. It's permanent and can be used on paper, transparencies, etc.  It also dries faster than the other two do.

The key to stamping on anything slick is to NOT rock or wiggle, and to let things dry.  Don't even THINK about touching them for what will seem like an eternity!  You might test on some extra photos before stamping on something important.

Since I tend to rock and wiggle, I thought it best to use my MISTI for this project.
First, you will decide where you want the stamp to be.  Place it face down on your photo.

Close the door, gently press on your stamp, and open the door. The stamp should be on the left
side.  Straighten it up a bit, if needed, then ink stamp.  Shut the door again, and press gently on the stamp.  When you open the door, your stamping should be 'picture perfect'...hee hee.
If it's not, you can just close the door, and have another go at stamping.

Now, if you do not have a MISTI, I highly recommend using a stamp positioner of some sort - Stamp-a-ma-jigs work great, but you have to be careful not to smear if you re-stamp.

The next step is to create you card!
I have to admit to 'that moment', when you're typing up your blog, you're on a very tight timeline, and you look at the photo, and realize that you DID smear some ink!  Yep....just look at my upper left arm!  Not a bruise. Nope, it's ink!  Ranger Archival Black Ink, so it's not going away anytime soon!

I used the same procedure for this next card.  This photo has a story behind it that I'll share
at the bottom of this page.  I'm thinking this will actually be going into a scrapbook, as it's a special

I hope that you will give this a try! Come back and let us know if you do - we'd love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.

My story is this:  I've been morbidly obese nearly all of my adult life.  In August 2015, I made a life changing decision, had weight loss surgery, and began losing weight.  For 40 years, I was the mom on the sidelines, watching other moms participate.  Our kids were not raised on a beach, or in a pool - that would mean I'd have to wear a swim suit...  Anyway, by the time this photo was taken, I'd lost about 85-90 pounds (my overall total is about 120#), and was feeling very good.  I'd flown to Germany to help our daughter, as she had a toddler and a new baby, and her hubby had to come to the US for 10 days or so.  One day, DD told me that we were going on a hike.  I got my shoes on, made a bathroom stop (thank goodness!!!), and off we went. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at the base of this 'hill', and she informed me that we were going to the top!  I nearly cried! "I can't do this", I said, repeatedly. She calmly and loving said that I COULD do this, and that she'd help me.  We made it to the top and only stopped for a couple of short breaks.  When I got to the top, it was the best feeling ever!  She had so much faith in me, while in my own mind, I was still that mom on the sidelines!  Thanks to our sweet Melissa, for helping me grow!


Dr Sonia S V said...

Love the story you shared Patti!!

Dr Sonia

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats on your weight loss and loving how you stamped on those photos!!!!!!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Great idea using the MISTI to add a stamped image to a photo. I know when I tried that other times I would find it would slip so easy for me. And, congrats on your weight loss and accomplishing that lovely climb. That is awesome!

Cheryl W said...

You look wonderful in your photo, Patti! Congratulations on your courage, perseverance and accomplishment. Thank you, as well, for this brief tutorial. I will keep this idea tucked away for future photos.

Beth Norman said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and on reaching the top of the mountain. You go girlfriend! I never thought to stamp on photos and I love the idea. Your photos look terrific! Have a nice day.

Kathy S said...

What a wonderful story of transformation Patti. I've had a similar one myself. Went through RN&Y Gastric Bypass in 2007 and have gained and lost 100's of lbs in my life. Thankfully, I've found a comfortable spot at 180 lbs and feel so, so much better. Hugs.

Diane said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. You both look wonderful in that picture.

Monika/Buzsy said...

I love my Misti! I don't have the small (which is on my wish list), but the big one is very handy too. Way to go Patti! Thank you for sharing your story!

*Vicki* said...

Such a wonderful story you've shared Patti! I just love your idea of turning the photos into cards!! Brilliant and I enjoy stamping on my photos in my scrapbooking, just never thought about doing a card...Love it! :) Thanks for sharing my friend! HUGS

Lynne in NI said...

You go girl! That's a great achievement!
And thanks for the tips on stamping on photos, the couple I tried smeared so I'll be taking your advice about ink and patience LOL