Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flutter By...

Happy Wednesday!

I hope that you have all recovered from your long weekend, and have the kids back to school, hubbies back to work, and finally have some time in your paper caves! I'm actually at work with DH this week, so won't have a card to post until Friday. However....I do have a fun photo to share with you!

This photo is of our DD, while enjoying her day Labor Day! A group of folks, including DD, went on a float trip Monday. At some point during the day, a butterfly actually landed on her, and stayed on her for several minutes. A friend made a sudden movement, scared it away, and she thought it was gone. After a very short time, it came back and stayed on her hand again for several minutes. I'd love for you to read her "newly syndicated" (YAY!!!) blog entry, to get the story first hand, as she tells it much better than I do! Be sure to say hello while you are there!

Have a great Weds. and Thurs., and I'll see you again on Friday!

Patti J.


Dawn said...

Melissa is just so beautiful , the butterfly pales to
You know I am partial to Melissa's
Hope you have a good week sweetie, I lost .4 ozs this week, no record but at least it wasn't a gain

Danni said...

Oh how fun!! Very cool!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Melissa is beautiful! How fun about the butterfly. My family went to a fair last week while we were on vacation. At the fair my daughters Nicki and Meghan entered a butterfly sanctuary. Nicki was wearing purple and monarchs must love the color because she was covered with them....her hair, her belt, her hands....She truly was fascinated how they just sat on her. Truthfully so was I.

Curt in Carmel said...

Your daughter is a stunner! Butterflies are always affiliated with beauty, and this one knew where to find it! I'm off to read her blog. Travel safe! Best, Curt

Lisa Hjulberg said...

What an awesome thing to have happen, and what a wonderful picture of your DD!!!