Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thanks Caryl!

I have to take a blog moment to thank Caryl P. She commented that I had been an inspiration to her on the baby cards earlier this week. Well, in my original blog, I had mentioned seeing a similar card and layout on SCS a while back, and could not remember whose gallery or card it was from. I sketched out the layout "just in case" I would ever have a need for it!

Well, Thanks to Caryl, I have my mystery solved! I saw the original 'boat card' on Mary's Blog! She has an absolutely fabulous blog, and you should all go check out her gorgeous works! Mary, if you are by chance reading this, thanks for YOUR inspiration!

Caryl, thanks again - I always love giving credit where credit is due, and you helped me do that tonight! I actually hesitated posting the baby cards because I could not remember where I had seen the idea. You rock!

Patti J.

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Caryl P said...

So glad I could help reboot that memory....I remembered yours first and was looking for more baby inspiration and found Mary's too.
Have a fabulous Memorial Day Monday!