Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's been a very busy week. We've had more storms, not as severe as last week, but fairly intense.

There was a retirement tea held on Wednesday, at our central office, for the 'classified' staff retiring this year. It was a nice time, and I got to see some folks that I haven't seen for a while. Of course, just in general, the end of the school year is always a frantic time, but knowing that this is my LAST end of school year, makes it really frantic. I don't want to walk away and leave a mess for the next person to come in to!

Anyway, not trying to make excuses, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. Am working on several projects, but don't have any of them complete yet! I think I'll post an 'old' item, that only a few of you original readers have seen! These are a few scraplings that I played with a while back! My "class"y ladies loved making these in class!!!

Have a great day!
Patti J.
~I'd rather have Lockheed deliver the mail than ride around in a plane built by the post office.


Bridgett Owens said...

Super cute! I haven't made these yet but they look so fun! I'm going to try real soon!

Vicki said...

Nice cards Patti, love the card shape, it makes a nice change to the usual square which I tend to make.

Have a nice weekend.

Vicki x

Chelsea said...

I love these tall and skinnies!!! Soo cute!

Brenda said...

Very pretty!

Caryl P said...

Beautiful bookmarks, they look like they were fun to make!

As the teacher who just came in after a retiring teacher, I know someone will appreciate you not leaving things in a mess...although I replaced my own first grade teacher so I cant' hold anything against her!

Percy said...

These are soo cute, love the skinny shapes!!! Wow!

Becky said...

These are just to cute, I love them.

Maria Matter said...

These are lovely! Great job Patti!
We're finally back from our vacation, we were in your state for a little while in our trek across the USA. We enjoyed some shows in Branson and stayed overnight...are you anywhere near there? We were following the last storm, pushing it in front of us, so had beautiful driving the whole way home but we could see some storm results and flooded fields!
Hope you have some sunny weather to enjoy!
take care
blessings, Maria
take care

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Makes a change from square or rectangle cards. I hope the storms have died down and that you are able to go back to a normal day life.
As for me my pc it's very slow again and i am afraid it's gonna let me down any moment, so if you don't see me you'll know why :)
Hugs xx

Lisa Hjulberg said...

I know your retirement is bittersweet Patty. And I admire that you want to leave things in perfect order. I've always been that way, too. May God bless you as you wind down and leave your job, and as He guides you to the next chapter.