Saturday, June 28, 2014


Happy Saturday!
Have you ever had to create a card or gift for someone as a means of 
reedeming yourself
sheepishly admitting a big OOPS
pleading for forgiveness
groveling for forgiveness?

Here's what I made - read on below if you are interested in my groveling story...

Each container has a tea-rrific greeting on one side, and a teabag with name on the back side.  I enlarged the tea bag, and made a nice folding card, complete with a groveling, sheepish, pleading for forgiveness apology!

Here are all of them - boxed and ready to go to church tomorrow.

We've all made these easy peasy boxes before, right?  Well, I needed
several, and I needed them very quickly, so I fell back on 'easy peasy'.  The
images are digi.  They can be found at Doodle Pantry.  I hope these little gifts
serve their purpose!

Here's the scoop:
For the last 6 weeks, a friend and I have been subbing for our church secretary, who's been hospitalized for well over 6 weeks.  During the course of one of my days, the preacher had a meeting one morning, and asked if I knew how to make coffee. I do, of course, and there is a Sunday School class that meets in an area just outside the office door.  I'll just say that this is the class for mature adults!  Anyhoooo....I made the coffee in one of their two pots. I thought I had everything all cleaned up after the meeting, however, the following Sunday, when I walked through the classroom to the office, I was met with some very
disgruntled looks, hands on hips, etc.  They asked if I had any idea who had made coffee with their 
TEA pot.........OOPS!  So explains the two pots!  One for coffee, one for tea.  To make matters even worse, I had forgotten to dump the grounds, so their tea water was brown.
They pointed from one pot to the other and back again saying "Coffee pot, tea pot, coffee pot, tea pot - GOT IT'?  I gulped, apologized, and said 'Got it"!, after which I very quickly left the classroom :)

So...this little gift of Hugs & Kisses, Mini Ghirardelli's, and yummy Caramel Tea will be on their table in the morning when they meet.  Hopefully, I will be forgiven, and maybe even eventually find my way back up on my pedestal, reserved for nice people!!!

Have a great weekend,
Thanks for stopping by!

Patti J.


Lynne in NI said...

LOL. I'd say you'll certainly be forgiven with those lovely goodies!

Taunya Butler said...

Way to go - Love that you found a beautiful, creative way to ask for/grovel for forgiveness! Adding beauty to life is so important - I admire what you have done here!!

Lorie said...

Oh gosh! Such an easy mistake to make! I know your 'I'm sorry!' will be very well taken!

LeAnne said...

OH no!!! Well, you can't read minds, so they should be forgiving of your coffee/tea pot debacle! These cute little gifties will help too! They're adorable!

Lisa said...

Oh, I would have made the same mistake!! Your adorable gifts are just fabulous!! Love them!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Glittered Paws said...

How sweet did these turn out - I'm going to look for the mini candies and yum caramel tea - might have to have a cup the next time I come out. Anxious to see the ladies reaction to their little gifties.

Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness you are so funny! Oops things happen and you are such a sweetie I know they have forgotten it the chocolate will sweeten them up. These are sweet as can be

Darnell said...

I dunno, Patti, how were you to know? Seems to me if they knew they were going to have subs in, they should have labeled the pots! In any event, I would forgive you ANYTHING if I got a sweet little basket like these full of choccies!! You'll be back on an even HIGHER pedestal now!! Hugs, Darnell

Sharon Underwood said...

If I were you, I'd offer to create some "Tea" and "Coffee" labels for their pots! How were you to know without any labels or signs? You're too sweet to go to all that trouble of creating such a nice gift for them. I'm sure they'll appreciate the humor!

Laurie Unger said...

These are darling. Did you suggest that the pot's get marked/labeled so that "anyone" who makes coffee and/or tea could tell the difference? Giggle!

craftieodmae said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Beth Norman said...

oh oh. You must have felt awful! These are terrific gifts to give out, and how special.

Amy Johnson said...

These are so pretty. I admire your attitude. I would have gotten defensive if I was treated this way. You must be a much better person than I!

Pam Sparks said...

oh my! Had to chuckle reading this! They are going to be so happy you used the wrong pot when they get their treat basket! lol Sure beats grounds! hahahaha
You are very kind, that's for sure! Your heart is in the right place!

Rosy Newlun said...

hmmmm, anyone could have and would have done the same thing. you have a humongous heart and these are adorable!

Cheryl W said...

My hubby is a tea drinker and I'm a coffee drinker. He insists on separate pots and carafes, too. But they'll forgive you. My hubs has had to forgive me numerous times. he he

Pam said...

Oooops! An honest mistake. I'm sure all was forgiven and they loved your little tea and chocolate treats.