Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm sorry, so sorry....

Gosh, did I sound anything like Patsy Cline? Lol... Just a note to apologize for vanishing off the face of the earth. We are down to just finishing some plumbing and electrical glitches in the new bath, and we will be able to breathe sighs of relief. However, one thing has lead to another (including moving my craft area - yikes!), and I've been very busy again this week. Finishing the bathroom has created the desire to update several other areas of the house, so things are in boxes and bags everywhere, including every one of my precious stamps!!! Egads, whatever shall I do?

My manley Stanley and one of his employees are going to move oodles of furniture on Friday, and make a few trips to the dump. I'm now up to 2 full 35 gallong plastic tubs, just full of things to get rid of, plus a few trash bags.

Jenny B., if you happen to be reading, I have a large bag of 'goodies' for you, and will have at least one more large bag or box as I put things back together in my new 'home'.

The change will be good - we will have our workplaces together - side by side, so Stan the Man can keep up with paperwork, and I can keep up with swaps, gift making, class planning, etc. It will be so good to have things put back together when the weekend is passed!!!

Hope this finds you all well! All 40 invitations were very well liked, and as soon as I can find the camera again (tee hee), you will all be bored with photo's of the invitations, as well as my last swap. It turned out cute as well. The theme was snowmen/women, etc., and you know I just have to be different - instead of shades of blues, or whites, my card is hot pink and black!

Please be patient with me!

Hugs to you all - chat dump girl - we WILL do Thai very soon - I promise - my treat!!!

~What's the use of happiness? It can't buy you money! ~Henny Youngman

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