Thursday, April 6, 2023

Oh's been a minute!

So, here I am - needing to catch up again! 
I guess that's what my next few posts will be!!!

Seriously, thanks so much for being so patient with my non-posting, and non-commenting. Between a bit of traveling, and a WHOLE LOT of Dr. appointments, it seems I am spending less and less time in my girl cave - we have one more upcoming trip, then I hope to be back on a regular basis.

On a happier note - tomorrow will be our 50th wedding anniversary! Sheesh....can you believe anyone would put up with me for 50 years???  He is a good man, and I feel so blessed that God brought us together!  We are having a date night, and I'm hoping for a Lobster dinner!

Anyway, here are some more cards that I made in a class taught by my friend, Ruth. She comes up with some of the 'funnest' dies to create with!  Hope something you see makes you smile! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Tune in for catch-up, part 2 soon!!!

Hugs and blessings during this beautiful spring and Holy season!
Patti J.