Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping is for the Brave!

Wow - it's almost time to go back to work already!

I was home sick on Friday, which actually gave me what one could call a four day weekend!

On Saturday, my handsome man took me into the city for dinner out and a shopping trip (cut short!).

Let me tell you about our shopping trip! Stan the man always stays at Borders and sips coffee, watches the babies (babes?), and reads anything he can find on wars, presidents, government, etc.

So, I go off through the mall thinking that most certainly I can make a couple of returns, and find just one item - a coat for this time of year. Sigh... I am certain that one must buy coats when one should be buying swimwear, and swimwear when one wants a coat! Lol...long story short - no coat.

I return to Borders to look for manley Stanley, and walk thru the store about 100 feet. I don't see him, so I turn right, which would take me to the history, war, president, government sections. B A M ! ! ! The second I turned right, there was a rolling stool left in front of me. Someone had apparently used it to reach a higher item, and had not returned it to it's home. Of course, I am looking UP, trying to see my main man's cute beard, not his shoestrings, and down I go, tangling myself up in stool, shelving, and a poor lady probably 10 years my senior. Thank goodness she was there - she broke my fall, sort of catching me as I went down. Otherwise, I would have had shelf imprints on my cheekbones and nose. As it was, my legs were all that was beat up (and my poor already operated on shoulder was very very sore yesterday). I was instantly multicolored - black, blue, and red. The lady called for help, telling me to lie still (as if I could do anything else???) lol. A manager came over and said, "what did you do, honey (grrr), get dizzy or something"? Well, my DD and I sort of have a thing about people calling us honey! Before I could answer, the other lady (my guardian angel) very loudly says "NO she did NOT get dizzy - she walked around the corner and fell over your crap - you have crap everywhere in this store!

Anyway, long story short again, Borders wanted to call an ambulance. I settled for eventually getting on my feet and walking out, but only after they insisted I fill out an incident report. My shopping was not as much fun as my dinner was!

We met my sister Judy and her handsome man Bill for dinner. We got to Red Lobster at about 3:45, thinking that would be very early and we would beat the crowds...not. One and one half hour wait. So...we piled into their car and found a very beautiful old Italian place to have dinner. For a while there was only one other couple there. Dinner was delightful!

Anyway, as I recouperated yesterday, I worked up some cards for a swap. This is to be a "Technique" swap, we're to use our favorite technique. I reverted to alcohol inks - God Bless Tim Hotz - he just gives us all kinds of fun things to play with! The stamps are all from The Angel Company. I have created my cards, now I just need to create my 'recipe' and get it to the hostess!

Have a great week! Patti J.

~I think I must have been born to crop, not to mop!!!


Theresa Momber said...

OMGosh, that was quite a fall. I am glad you weren't hurt too badly, but it still sounds very painful.

Your card is just lovely! Beautiful design.

Silke Ledlow said...

He,he,he - you sound so super nice Patti!!! I had so much fun reading your post...I hope you are feeling better today?!?

Your swap card is beautiful!!! I like the little flap with the sentiment in it - very neat idea!!!