Sunday, February 22, 2009

Short Post

I'm at my workspace, trying to be creative, but wanted to take a moment to share with you what the afternoon in our backyard was like! I was cleaning the master bath today, and glanced up and out the window. What a beautiful sight! If my count was right, there were 11 deer grazing around the tomato buckets, trees, and grass.

...Melissa, if you are still keeping score - NY -0- - MO -1-!!!
Patti J.

~I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.Earl of Chesterfield


chatdumpgirl said...

how pretty! they sure look better there than across the hood of my car! tell them to stay off the highway!

Patti J said...

Tam, Funny you say that - Saturday morning, I went to meet a friend. As I drove up H, three really big does literally jumped the fence in front of me and crossed the hwy. I just KNEW they would double back, and I'd hit one, but I got lucky. It sure is pretty watching them jump like that!

Ellie Jacobson said...

Hi Patti!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I live in Farmington, MN..I noticed you lived in Farmington, MO. :-)

The deer are beautiful! I used to live up in northern MN and we had deer all the time. The same thing happened to me where a couple of doe ran in front of me while I was driving and sadly one hit me but luckily I wasn't driving very fast at that moment.

Heidi Hihn said...

Love the shots of nature!! I live in a very wooded area of Chicago and I am one of the few lucky ones that actually have deer visit my back yard almost every day!!! I will have to post some pictures on my blog...most people would not believe that we have deer in the city! In fact we also have fox and coyote...not to mention the cougar in had in the city last year!