Monday, December 8, 2008

Hope we don't blow away!

Jeepers - the wind is blowing out there and it is SO cold! Looks like our baby girl got her first large snowfall of the year in New York today. Bet our son is in California saying something akin to "muhahahaha".....

So! Got my little S'more packets finished this evening. They turned out pretty cute - thanks Shirley for the idea - I think the ladies will like them. The Angel Co. has the most perfect stamp for the project - it's a little snowman that is actually roasting a marshmallow (I used liquid applique that I heated until it puffed and poofed!). He's just too cute! I have tried and tried to add a photo to this entry and it won't let me!

Okay, I give up. I've tried off and on for several days to get photo's in here to no avail. If anyone knows why I can insert photo's one day and cannot the next, please let me know!

Have a great day everyone...

Patti J.

~I'd rather have Lockheed deliver the mail than ride around in a plane built by the post office.

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