Monday, December 22, 2008

Found one, lost one, one yet to get here!

Well, we got our Melissa home yesterday. It's so good to see her, and to have her back home for a week - a whole week!!!

We get to pick our John up on Wednesday night - we are so anxious to have him here as well. He has such a long trip in, and we so appreciate him coming home again.

On a sad note, Stan the man had a broken water main in Branson, so left a while ago for the 4 hour plus trip to Branson. I'm praying that he can make it in tomorrow night or Weds. a.m. The weather looks terrible again, especially for that area, so I'm praying hard for his saftety!

Melissa is going to help me try to figure out this photo issue. I received my first Gina K order last week, and I'd love to post the card I made. I would love to send it directly to Gina to thank her for such quality products, but haven't found a way yet. I'll keep trying!

Theresa M., thanks so much for your tips on the photo issue. We will try everything you suggested. If I can't make it work, we'll look for a plan 'b'!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Patti J.

~A penny saved is a government oversight...

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