Monday, December 28, 2009

Magical Monday #4

Before I get started, the above photo shows what we drove home in after taking DS to the airport this a.m.... the good news is that we only had to drive in it about 45-50 min. before it was clear!

Well friends, it's the fourth 'Magical Monday' for me! I have enjoyed my time with There's Magic in the Air, as a Guest Designer for the month of December!


I can't believe December is over, Christmas has come and gone, the kids have left, and it's just DH, Ddog, and me, again....

Oh my, how quiet this house seems. DS has returned to California, and we probably won't see him again for quite some time. DD has returned to her place, and is leaving this week for a snowboarding trip to Colorado with a friend. It will be a very quiet week!

Georgia commented on Sunday about how she gets sad when her kids leave. Our kids are 34 and 28, and I still cry when they leave, and mope for days afterwards.

I am such a 'goodbye weenie'!!! Thank goodness for all of you!

This week at TMITA, we were asked to go into Nina' store, Paper Cupcakes, and choose an image to create with. (How much fun is THAT?!?)

Well...I saw this little water image, and immediately thought of a Valentine's aquarium!

What a perfect image for a shadowbox card!

Hope you like it!!!

It's colored with colored pencils, and I've used Glossy Accents to create the shiny look on the water and greenery. The bubbles are Rain Dots. The sentiment is a retired stamp from The Angel Company.


Hope that your Christmas was full of the blessings of the seasons, and that your new week will be, as well. (Stef, am thinking of you and DH!!!)

Have a wonderful Magical Monday! Be sure to run over to There's Magic in the Air, grab your own FREE image, and create something wonderful to enter in the weekly contest!


Patti J.

Food for thought: Blessed is the man who is too busy to worry in the daytime, and too sleepy to worry at night! (The sleep of a labouring man is sweet...Ecclesiastes 5:12)


Nikki Schmaltz said...

What a FABULOUS idea! I love it. You are so creative. Plus I love turtles. Just Cuteness!

My mom cries every time she leaves us too. It's a mom thing and it just means your heart lives outside of you. I will cry too one day:(

Barb said...

This is so freakin' adorable! Cute images, and I love that you made a shadow box :)

The Other Patti Sue said...

Your so creative! Love the shadow box, perfect for that image! You do beautiful work GF!

Nilla said...

Adorable card, such a cute image!! It was a pleasure having you aboard for December! I wish you a Happy New Year! Hugs Nilla

Stef H said...

but deep down inside it's still nice to have that quiet back. glad they got off and you home safely.

what an absoluetely adoraable image. just fabulous. definitely makes you smile. and a love the 3-d look. awesome!


Brenda said...

Fantastic idea! Very well done my friend.

I am glad you made it home safe. Huge Hugs,

Caryl P said...

What a fun idea for a valentine, that image is perfect! Too cute Patti!

I'm glad you made it home safe in the storm, and though it's quiet I'm sure you'll fill that with some rest and creativity. Hugs!!!

Percy said...

What a cute card! Love the effect of the water in it!

Sorry to hear about your kids leaving again....I have 2 older ones, and I feel the same every time they leave, and they are 5 minutes and 20 minutes away....:) I could not see myself without them for too long...:) Thank God I still have an 11 y/o, she keeps me company and makes my days go by easily! :)

Have a Happy New Year, thanks for sharing your talent!

Roberta said...

I just love your card. The turtle looking in the water is precious! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal said...

Hi Patti what a creative piece those fun images,,,,this is soooooo super cute!!!!

Wow look at it snow!!!! We finally got some today too!!! Big Hugs and stay warm!

Danni said...

What an amazing card!! Wow!


First, I love your card for TMITA, the water is awesome and such an fantastic scene!

Second, Jim and I are leaving in approximately 4 hours and will get in St. Louis tomorrow morning, just tell me the snow will be melted by then?!?!? Be home soon, Sally

chatdumpgirl said...

awww.... reminds me of bess' little turtle her boyfriend found in the Mississippi. He's small and cuter than anything!

redwasher1 said...

I love it!! The image is soooo cute and you did a great job on it!!!

I hate to drive in the snow and ice!! Glad you made it home alright!

Kim Mc said...

LOVE IT!!! You did a fabulous job with giving this image dimension and your coloring is gorgeous!!! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog and you are more than welcome to come and 'console' me in Hawaii ANY TIME!! (Maybe stop over in CA to see your DS either on your way here or back! Just an idea...;) ) It was a great visit with the parents and we got lots of stuff done around my home (I'll post the pics the weekend...gotta go back to work tomorrow) :( Oh well, take care and stay warm!! It was wonderful having you as GD at TMITA this month and thanks for the continuing inspiration. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)!

Amy Johnson said...

Thank goodness you got home safe and sound after driving in that weather. As for the kids leaving, I think I'm the opposite of you. I love having them home, but the mess they are creating is driving me crazy!!!! I can't wait to have a neat, clean, quiet house again. LOL! LOVE your card! The water element is just so creative, and the whole card is simply adorable.

Caroline Rawcliffe said...

That's a sweet card, Patti. We've had similar snowscenes here...gone at the moment.

Unknown said...

Hi Patti, I adore this card, it is sooooo gorgeous.

craftieodmae said...

It's gorgeous! Glad you made it home in all the ugly weather! Hey, it you get to lonesome come on over and we'll stamp and drink coffee!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh Patti, my prayers are with you my friend!! I have a difficult leaving my parents behind and cry also. I can't imagine my life without our kids. My girls are so young but know how time flies and am treasuring every moment with them!!

I just love your aquarium!! How creative and beautiful Patti!! Love the shadow box!! Gorgeous creations as always my friend!!

Danielle said...

A beautiful card! I love this one and definitely a perfect choice for a shadow box card! Love how you used the glossy accents too! So nice to have had you with us for a GD - I hope you can continue to share your gorgeous creations with us at TMITA!
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Danielle

Nina said...

Patti, this card turned out soo cute with the shadow box effect... just perfect for this image! and I actually think the "glossy accents" fits the shiney part of the new years challenge :O) teehee! so fun and so cute!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

I hate good-byes, too, and I will be exactly the same when my kids finally fly the nest. I can't stand to even think about it!

I sure have enjoyed my visit tonight Patti J. You are very special to me and I love reading about seeing what you're up to! Please forgive me for not being a more regular visitor. As soon as I make my fortune and quit my day-job, you'll be sick of me!

Nighty night!

Unknown said...

What a great card idea!