Monday, June 8, 2009

Something's Brewing...

Instead of a card tonight, I decided to post a few photo's of the storm that is currently blowing through (literally) our little area in Missouri (again!)... Tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings, etc. - you know the routine!

Anyway, the sky is just so awesome, that I had to shoot some pics. The brightness is actually lightning all over the night sky, lighting it up! Nights like this are good for the soul! A majestic sky, a storm smell in the air... God's beauty is at work once again!

Enjoy the photo's!

Oh...I guess I need to give you all a chuckle for the evening! Sunday morning I went into my newly remodeled bathroom fit for a queen, blew my nose, leaned over and dropped the tissue into the toilet, and splash - my glasses fell right off of my face and into the stool. Well dear friends, this in itself would not have been a major disaster, except that I had just reached out and pushed the flush button!!!!! Yup, for sure. I flushed my eyeglasses right down the toity! Yikes! Of course, we tried everything to fish them out, to no avail. So today, up came the nice new toilet, and out came the glasses! Whew....they had lodged in the first U and hadn't gone down all the way to plug things up to the point that the concrete floor in the basement had to be dug out! I'm sure that there is a moral to this story, but I can't think of one just yet! LOL, bet no one topped that one today!!!

Have a great night! Eyeglasses are in the dishwasher, and I'm at my craft table working on Thank You cards for the new mommy to be!

Patti J.
~We are not put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.


Lisa Foster said...

WOW! These are some amazing pics! Great job! Love your blog! Your projects are so wonderful and inspiring! I had to sign up to be a stalker :)

Chelsea said...

Those are great pics of the storm ... keep safe though :)

I lov ethe story of the toilet ... gave me a really good laugh!

chatdumpgirl said...

hahahahahaha....that sounds like something I'd do..... ewwww.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the storm!
You crack me up with your story, lucky you found them, just need a good wash :))
Hugs xx

Maria Matter said...

LOL, omgosh, that is too funny! Glad you were able to recover your glasses without any major problems!
Moral of the story..heck, I can't think of anything either! It sure makes for a fun story on the blog though!
Those storm clouds are impressive. Beautiful! Hope everything was Ok, it's the next day and you haven't posted! eek! You can't let us hanging like that....
unless you lost electricity again!
We had our big, loud thunderstorm this morning...I think there was some hail mixed in too! It was so loud, I would have sworn it was centered over our house! lol
take care
Blessings, Maria

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures! Stay safe!

Anne Harada said...

First I was intrigued by the awesome photos -- they are magnificent! So dramatic, I just love the phenomenon of weather!! Then I read on about your toilet adventure and had to laugh, I can so see that happening!! I was just relieved to hear you ran them through the dishwasher before wearing them again...LOL!! TFS!! (both the pics and your fun story!!)

Caroline Rawcliffe said...

Great photos!
Perhaps you should go get the glasses adjusted so they won't fall off!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

First of all, I'm still chuckling about the eyeglasses. I can just imagine! Oh dear.

I love thunderstorms. We actually had some here a few days ago... very unusual for So Cal, particularly this time of year. Not much rain with it, though, which we desperately need. But I sure wouldn't want any tornadoes. Scary! But then what am I saying... we live in earthquake country.

Hugs my friend.

P.S. You might want to get your glasses tightened a bit. LOL