Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have been so remiss in not posting awards that have been passed down to me. I thought that tonight would be a good time to do that! This first award is from Lynne, and was given to me a long, LONG time ago! Lynne is one of my most faithful readers and commenters, and I appreciate her taking time to come and visit day after day! Lynne has a delightful blog, that you really should go visit sometime!

The next two awards were given to me by another faithful reader, Lisa. Lisa lives in sunny California, and never misses a chance to drop me a comment on my blog, or even a personal email to let me know that she’s thinking of me. I felt an instant connection to Lisa, and I think if we were closer, we would be crafting buddies! Lisa, also has an amazing blog - be sure to visit her too!

The first is an award (above) came to Lisa from her friends, Debbie Pamment and Kristine Breach. According to Debbie's post, it was created by Kellie Winnell and passed along to her with the following quote: "I feel that there are a lot [of blog awards] out there that are awarded for the creative sides of things, and I love them, but few [blog awards] to just appreciate the people that follow and comment on your blog, which to me nothing makes my day more than having gorgeous comments left on something you created, really lifts the spirits and makes my day."

Kristine paraphrased that by saying this award means, "Thank you for your support... for leaving sweet comments that really lift my spirits and make a bad day better... for comments that go beyond the typical "Great card!" and really connect with you on a personal level."Like Lisa, this award has been a pleasure. Making friends with folks from all over the world has just been an incredible experience! It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning to comments from Malaysia, or Sweden, or Canada, or Indiana! These comments truly lift me up and make me feel like I should continue on!!! Days when my mojo seems to have got up and went, I get a pat on the back that picks me up and sends me back to my desk! Thanks Lisa, for thinking about me with this award! Your friendship is a blessing to me!

This blog award (above) is the Spreader of Love Award, and is for people who have made a difference to you by their visits to your blog, the things they write, the interest they take. Again, this made my day!!!

The award above comes to me from my blogging friend, Pat. I'm not sure where Pat lives - I've tried to find it on her blog, but can't find a link. I'm pretty sure it's a LONG ways from here! Pat is another good friend that rarely misses leaving a nice comment when I post a new entry.
The catch to these awards, and the main reason I have been so remiss in posting them, is that I am supposed to pass them on to my favorite commenters and/or blog readers. Dear friends, how could I ever choose between you?
So, Lisa, Lynne, Pat, Barb, Shirley, Theresa, Brenda, Tami, Caryl, Curt, Crystal, Brenda, Melisa, Seleise, Chelemom, Bridgett, Steph, Nilla, Fran, Lisa F, Maria, Anne, Caroline, etc., etc., etc., all 45 followers and faithful commenters, please feel free to 'grab' any or all of these awards with my love and blessings! Post them on your blog, and pay them forward. That is what life is all about!
Thanks everyone for helping me through these past months. Hugs!
Patti J.


Lisa Hjulberg said...

Oh, Patty, you are just the sweetest, bestest person! You and I definitely hit it off from the start. And you're right... if we lived closer, we would for sure be crafting buddies! Since we don't, I'm glad we at least have blogging and email to keep us connected. I count you among my Best Blogging Friends Forever (BBFF).

Warm hugs and smiles,

Lisa Hjulberg said...

P.S. I'm sorry for being lame-o and sometimes misspelling your name, but my Aunt Patty spells hers with a y and ironically, her last name is McGill! My aging brain cells just can't keep it straight. aak!

Nilla said...

Dear Patti., thanks for mentioned my name! For the moment I can't add gadgets to my Layout, but maybe I grab one later when I can!! I love your blog and your always very kind comments on mine! Lots of love Nilla