Friday, March 9, 2018

Soon to arrive...Captain America!

Good morning!

I'm sure you recall that I was on-line very little in February.

As you know, we've been doing a bit of freshening up/remodeling in our family room.
This has entailed my refinishing of our brick fireplace with a six step finishing process, painting walls, and sewing curtains. Then, hubby and I hung new rods and new curtains (after he replaced windows!).  We also ripped up old carpeting, pad, and staples, and replaced with a pretty soft, plush

Here's a little something else that I was working on during that time!
Our daughter is very close to her due date with baby number three.  We know it's a boy,
but as with the other babies, we will be surprised with his name, after he is born, so
for now, mom, dad, and kids are calling the new baby 'Captain America'.
Each time there's a grandbaby born, grandma makes a baby quilt.
What better than a Captain America theme?

Here is the top before finishing.  I'm including this photo only because I took all of the finished photos upside down, and they look wonky if I rotate them to right side up!!!  lol... only an excited grandma would do something silly like that, right?
This (upside down) photo shows the soft, fluffy binding, which is also what the backing is
made of.  I always hand tie at each corner or point.

For whatever reason, my computer won't let me remove just one of these two photos.
Sorry!  You get to see one more partial picture!

Click on any of the pics to see a bit larger photo, if you wish!
Anyway, just thought I'd share with you what I've been working on!
I'll soon be in DC wearing my grandma hat for a month, and can't wait to see the family, 
and meet the new baby boy!

Have a great day!
Thanks for dropping by to say hello!

Patti J.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!!! You have been BUSY!!! I am IN LOVE with this blanket!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynette said...

Oh my gosh, Patti - you have been SO busy! Your project sounds awesome. And congrats on the soon-to-be new grandchild! Wonderful quilt.

Donna said...

What a beautiful quilt, it will be a treasured keepsake!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Your are so talented. This quilt will be cherished for sure. I love the Captain America design of it too!

Cheryl W said...

I don't know how you are able to get so much accomplished! Your quilt is wonderful!!

Beth Norman said...

Congratulations on being a grandma--again. Your quilt is so so beautiful. My mom made one for my son which I will present to him whenever he has a baby (poor guy can't find a girlfriend). You are such a busy woman. I'll bet your renovations are nice and refreshing. Take care on your trip. Hugs.

Cheri said...

You amaze me, Patti!! This is such an adorable quilt and congrats on the soon-to-be grandma again....and to Captain America no less!

Lynne in NI said...

Gosh Patti ... do you sleep?!!! You're one busy girl! I'm needing my bedroom painted and my bathroom redone if you have a spare 10 minutes!
LOVE the quilt, such a beautiful keepsake for your new addition x

Pam Sparks said...

Amazing you got so much done last month! Super cute quit... he will love it if he's anything like our grandsons! Congrats Patti! So happy for you!

Sue said...

Awww, how exciting. And what a good Grandma. A beautiful keepsake for each new baby. When we were helping my Mom clean out their house after my Dad passed, she opened an old trunk in an upstairs bedroom and it was full of material remnants. My daughter was so excited to find a piece of material from her baby quilt that my Mom had made her, and she said look how bright the colors are, well her quilt had been washed many times over and packed away by then. A fun memory for all of us.
Excited for you to be getting a new addition to your family. Have a great month visiting and loving on those grandkids!