Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland...

Hello out there!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, contrary to what you must be thinking by now!
I am working on some projects to share, but thought that today, I'd share some of our own little Winter Wonderland!
This photo is looking out from the front of the house. Our front yard is about 5 acres.

This looks out over one of the side fields.  You are seeing the neighbors barn and horse arena.  This field is probably 2 or 3 acres.

This looks out the back of the house toward the other side.  This is DH's equipment shed-workshop.  Just one of his big yellow toys in the picture!

This is a view of the woods behind our house.  Again, our back yard is probably 2-3 acres.  There is a pretty large field from the house to the woods line.

I leave you with our two furry friends, waiting for Santa to come!  They had some yummy bones in their stockings, and were pouting, as Uncle JB was not up yet.
Have a wonderful day!
I'm working on a project for Wednesday's Calendar workshop, so I'll be glued to my room today!

Patti J.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely photos of winter Patti! Love your doggies all snug and cozy by the fire! :) Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year friend! Thanks for sharing!! Have a happy day! Smiles and Hugs - *Vicki*
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Donna said...

Beautiful, I love the snow but it missed us. I heard you got a lot in Farmington. Happy New Year!

Bonnie Weiss said...

Looks like you are enjoying the same Winter Wonderland that we are. Only 4 months to Spring.

Laurie Unger said...

Wonderful winter pictures! WE had about an inch of snow but it melted very quickly!

Carole said...

Oh Patti, it all looks so serene don't you think? Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year and may the coming year be filled with peace, prosperity and good health.
Hugs ... Carole xox

Erin said...

Hi Patty! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment... I appreciate it! Your property is amazing... I can't image having that much space! The snow is just beautiful! We live in Central Florida, so it was 70 degrees on Christmas day here... definitely no snow! I look forward to seeing your cards in January! Erin.

Rufus said...

Looks so pretty, as long as it's only in pictures! lol. Thanks for sharing and thanks even more for keeping it all up there! Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year!

Cheryl W said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful wintry pictures, Patti. Happy New Year to you and yours. Hugs, Cheryl

Jak Heath said...

It's like a picture postcard, so beautiful, your tree is amazing.
Merry christmas Patti

Glenda Atkins said...

Beautiful winter scenes, great photo's Patti! Happy New Year!

Dawnll said...

Love seeing your home inside and out.What a beautiful trr and all the presents...Santa must of made a special
Happy New Year dear friend

Glittered Paws said...

Beautiful pictures - looks like my house too!!! It is beautiful - Bella loves it, Stella tolerates it and Dinah just wants to go do her business and get back in the house!!! Can't wait until you get back to posting beautiful creations.

Theresa's Studio said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of your Winter Wonderland. Love your tree. Happy New Year! Hugs!

Lynette said...

Winter is so beautiful sometimes, isn't it? Gorgeous views! Happy 2013! Good luck with your project. I can't wait to get stamping again.

Auntie Em said...

Beautiful photos Patti! I love the snowy scenery. I am in the country too and there is nothing as pretty as the large open fiends covered with new snow. Looks like it was a lovely Christmas at your home. Best wishes for a very Happy 2013! :)

Kim said...

Lovely photos Patti, what sweet puppies you have!
Hope you have a Happy New Year!
Hugs Kim

Lynne in NI said...

Oooh looks lovely .... though the next pic you upload I'm expecting to see some snowmen or snow angels in your garden!!!
We had the tiniest skiff of snow last night, but it was horrible wet stuff and was away by daybreak. Boo hoo.

Judy said...

These photos are stunning...esp. the one of the are quite the photographer, and I'm so jealous! Love the little furry ones, and that beautiful Christmas tree! TFS


Sue said...

Patti, love seeing your photos of the snow. It always looks so beautiful untouched and clean and sparkly. Imagine my surprise when I received one of your wonderful Chirtmas cards. Thank you so much and for the very lovely note. And the next day, I received a picture from Melissa and Nick of his units homecoming. Was so wonderful to see their happy smiling faces. She looks wonderful! I was so grateful to receive it, a perfect end to a long journey for them both. Happy, happy New Year to you and your family. May 2013 be so much less stressful for you all.


craftieodmae said...

Gorgeous pictures, just keep in out there LOL,Happy New Year my dear friend!