Monday, September 14, 2009

No Time to Stamp!

I have not had much time lately to stamp! I don't know where my days have gone. Today, I spent a few hours readying the living room for the painting of one wall. I really have to just go one wall at a time! Of course, you know how that goes - one thing always leads to another when you being deep cleaning. I figure this remodel job will take me until I'm about 110!

Today, I played with a cute little Michael's $1 stamp from a few years ago, and some DP, and altered a Dollar Store photo album. Nothing special, just took my mind off of dusting for awhile! I don't know of any challenges to enter it into, so it's just a 'for fun' album!

Hope you enjoy it - I will try to get back into the flow of things tomorrow! I was asked tonight to donate a few card sets for a fund raising auction, and must have them ready tomorrow night, so I'll be sure to come back and share! Anyone have any really cute and quick note card ideas??? Lol!! I'm open to suggestions!

Have a great night!

Patti J.

~To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.


Nilla said...

Patti, it's good to have something to do when you are 110, so keep working, LOL! Love the card, even if it's scares me a bit, but isn't the purpose! Hugs Nilla

Carolyn V said...

:D I'm glad you made a little time to play... Fun card, Patti! (love the little spider)

Suzanne said...

Super cute! No time - know what you mean!! Card class Friday and I've only designed one!!!

Crystal said...

AWW Patti this is GREAT!!! LOVE your Halloween card, soooo fun!

Percy said...

This is a cute one Patty! I hear you about your remodel...I guess that is why I don't want to start.....:)