Sunday, September 20, 2009

Instant Replay

A friend asked me to re-post this little 'billfold'. So, dear friend (you know who you are!), here is my instant replay!

This is a free pattern in the back of the Angel Company's Serendipity catalog. It was fun to put together! My BF Shirley gave me all of the pieces in 'kit' form in my birthday bag earlier this year. (you need to hurry and get on Shirley's birthday list - her gifts rock!).
Anyway, I'm uploading this to the SophistiCat Challenge today! You need to drop by and check them out. They are a new challenge site, and it looks like it could be a LOT of fun!!!
Hope you have all had a safe and very blessed weekend. Ours has actually been fairly quiet! YAY for quiet weekends!
Patti J.
~As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more. -Jules Renard


Maria Matter said...

That is really neat! I never saw one like that before! Obviously I missed the first time you posted it or maybe I didn't know you yet...glad to know ya now!!!!
take care Patti!
Blessings, Maria

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! This is really neat! I've never seen anything like before! TFS!

Cat said...

This is really cute and practical! I love the colors!

BlueRose said...

Wow! is right I love, love it.

So glad that you dropped by and said HI, and HI to you. I am now following you so this will be really nice. See U soon...♥

Laurie said...

How cute is this? I love it! TFS!