Friday, May 4, 2018

Our feet are happy...

Hi there!
It's a beautiful Friday in Missouri - hope it's pretty where you are!

So, the other night, a conversation with dear granddaughter went something like this: 

GD: "Grandma, where is PawPaw"? 
Me: "He is in the office working"
GD: "Why is he in the office working"?
Me: "Umm....because that's what he likes to do"?
(anyone who knows my man, knows that he's a workaholic)
GD: "Grandma, when PawPaw gets done working in the office, can you go in there and make me something"?
Me: "Sure! What would you like me to make you"?
GD: "A penguin card".
Me: "Okay, I will do that"!

Dear Hubby and I share a workplace. Admittedly, I'm forcing him into a tinier corner little by little. He keeps talking of retiring because of his age. I really think he's talking retirement because I'm sort of pushing him out of his office!

Anyway, I didn't have any 'summer' or 'girly' penguins, so I popped over to Whimsy Stamps to see if there were any in her digi collection.  Voila!!!  Look what I found!  This darling Penguin Prima Ballerina Set was waiting patiently to come live with me.  I ordered it and began coloring immediately!

What I started with was this image:
Penguin Prima Ballerina Bella Set - Digital Stamp
I drew in some wood flooring and some walls that looked as if they belonged in a ballet studio. I also changed the sentiment to say "our" feet rather than "my" feet, and here's what will be going in the mail to dear granddaughter!

I hope that she likes it. I used a shimmer pen on the 'wall panels' to look a bit mirrored, and of course, the tutu, bow and shoes are PINK!

Thanks for stopping by today - have a great weekend!

Patti J.


Verna Angerhofer said...

That is a darling little penguin girl and I am sure your granddaughter will think so too. An awesome and fun card design.

Lynette said...

Cute story - cute card!

Cheryl W said...

Aren't conversations with young grandchildren the best? I love your card, and I'm certain your granddaughter will, too. The image is so sweet. Who would think to put a penguin in a tutu, but it totally works!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING that conversation! TOO CUTE!!! And loveeeeeeeee this card! That penguin is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynne in NI said...

Hahaha I love the roundabout way she got to the point! Bet she'll love this sweet little penguin :)

Beth Norman said...

How nice that you could find a penguin digi. Like I've said before, I need to learn to use digis again. Your card is just so sweet.

Sue said...

Adorable, Chrissy;s penguins are the bomb!!! Love the card you created, don't you just love it when they ask you to make them something? Awesome card, just what the GD ordered!!