Tuesday, January 18, 2011

'Itty-Bitty' Candy Winner

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Hello Friends!
It is time to talk about the paper cutter post from last week! I was totally impressed with how many different methods of cutters you all use!

Many of you used Fiskars cutters. A few are very happy with these cutters, but many were disappointed with the blades dulling too quickly, and lack of straight and sure cuts.

Some seemed very pleased with the Stampin'Up! Table Top Cutter. No one had any complaints about it. I was told that it is self-sharpening, and cuts more than one piece of CS at a time.

Creative Memories was mentioned a few times with no complaints.

Favorite scissors mentioned were Kai, and 'fancy scissors'.

One reader has tried Carol Cutter, Fiskars, Tonic, Zutter, Creative Memories, and Purple Cow, just to name a few. Her fave is the Purple Cow, but she also loves her 12" Tonic Trimmer. For cutting CS in half, she uses the Zutter Dream Cuts.

Another reader mentioned with obvious happiness, that her 'cutlery of choice' is a cutter by Xacto.

The Creative8 cutter found at KMart was another favorite of one reader.

Another that I hadn't heard of was the Carl's Cutter (priced best at Oozaks per my reader!).

The Making Memories Cutter didn't seem to bring any happy dances; readers said that it dulls, and there are no replacement blades.

All in all, the favorites seemed to be the Tonic 12" Cutter, The Purple Cow, and the Stampin' Up! Tabletop cutter. The problem areas in the other cutters were that the blades dulled too quickly, they don't cut straight, and don't have great measurement markers.

As for myself, I can vouch for the Purple Cow that I use when I am at the house of a friend, and the Dream Cuts by Zutter. I love my Dream Cuts for cutting multiple sheets in 1/2 or 1/3's, and it will hold up to 12 x 12 papers. The ONLY drawback to it is that I can only cut one piece at a time, but it's so straight, and so quick, that I can't really complain!

I hope that this has helped some of you with your cutting decisions!

I think from the comments left, and the personal e-mails that I received, that my next table top cutter will probably be the Tonic 12" larger, tabletop style cutter. When and if I get one, I will let you know how I like it!

Drum roll please...... I promised an itty-bitty blog candy!

The winner is Sandy Ang! Sandy, please e-mail me at: mamagilliam@gmail.com with your mailing information. Congrats on winning this 'itty-bitty' blog candy...lol!!!

Thanks to all of you for your cutting advice! I'll be back soon with a new question!!!

Hugs and Smiles!
Patti J.


Yvonne Russell said...

What a wonderful roundup... interesting and useful. Thanks for collating the feedback on these.

craftieodmae said...

WOW! That was very interesting! I may look at the SU one at the next meet...thanks for sharing!
Congrats to Sandy!

Dawnll said...

Thanks for all the info on cutters -I hope Curt is reading this, he has been disgusted with his cutters for awhile.
Love that you shared with us all.

Mau xx said...

Super infomation Patti, getting ready for a new cutter myself.
Thank you for wonderful encouragment on my LOTV card, will go have a look at your challenge suggestion.
Hugs Mau xx

Amanda Mertz said...

Thanks for compiling all the paper cutter info. Great to have the low down on the other brands! Love the new blog background too.

Laurie Unger said...

Thanks for the detailed recap on all the cutters!

Rufus said...

That's a pretty good round up on cutters! Thanks for putting it all together.

Butternutsage said...

thanks so much for stopping in to my chat room today I loved having you! Hugs~Donna

Sandy Ang said...

Love reading about everyone's experience with cutters. And thanks so much for your giveaway!