Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need to buy....

Help! I need the retired Stampin' Up set, "Wild About You". Does anyone have it, that might be willing to sell it? I need it quickly for an upcoming little guys first birthday!!!

Thanks in advance!

NEWS FLASH - An angel from SCS just PM'd me and says she has one she will sell!!! Wahoo!

Thanks folks!



Pat, I don't have it but give Sue Bauche a call. She may have it or know one of customers bought it. Good luck

Glittered Paws said...

YEA!!! Although I think TAC's is just as cute!!! But I may be a bit partial to TAC you think!!!

Dawn said...

That was quick, before I had a chance to look you already had one.

Iris said...

That's great you found the stamp set!
FYI, you won challenge 1 over at Iris so please email me.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting me and following! i appreciate the time you took to leave me such a sweet comment!

sorry I can't help you with this Wild About You set....but I'll keep my ears and eyes open for you!

your giggle easel card made me smile....i'm going to follow after posting this to you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Terry Lounsbury said...

Hello Patti
Just wanted to thankyou for the nice comment you left on my blog.
You just retired? Congratulations!You'll have more time to spend crafting now! Hope you and Stan enjoy your new found freedom.
Your new blog friend Terry