Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How ironic...

Tonight's thoughts while I chipped, peeled, and pulled, centered on Meli, and her visit to the dentist today.

Poor girl has had a toothache since a week or two before she ever left for China (keep in mind that she was in China for a year, and she's now been in NY for a year)!

She had gone to: 1. our family dentist who has seen her since she was a baby 2. the dentist in town that takes our dentist's emergencies when he's out of town, 3. a dentist in Festus prior to leaving for New York, and 4. a dentist in NY who wanted about a quarter of a million bucks just to look in her mouth!

Finally the 5th dentist that she has been going to now since she got moved up to Brooklyn, was able to work on the tooth today. It seems that the filling was actually cracked! So, each time she bit down on something, I guess it was like sharp shards hitting things they were not supposed to hit! Now, one has to know Meli to know just how proud we are of her for going to the dentist at all, much less going to five different dentists multiple times! lol... Anyway, glad she got her tooth fixed!


Back to my 'peeling' thoughts! I was actually sort of shuddering and kind of secretly being glad that I wasn't the one at the dentist today, as I would rather have another baby than get a shot in my mouth, or a filling! I quit working about 8 p.m., put my scraper down, washed up, went out to the couch to sit for a few minutes, and up comes our little furball, Flake. She is SO excited that 'mom' finally stopped what she is doing, and has sat down! She literally BOUNDS up onto the sofa, and her head clunks my chin, driving my teeth together, and... you guessed it - I broke a tooth. Sigh.

So, tomorrow's first on the agenda is to call dentist #1 for an appt. to get a tooth fixed. This is one of the teeth that badly needs a crown, so not only am I going to have to go to the dentist, but it is probably going to end up being a thousand dollar broken tooth before it's said and done. Did I say sigh??? If not, sigh...

Other than that, it's been an okay day. Weather's been beautiful - high of 67, low of 57. I got some 'peeling' done, some painting done, and even managed to load and turn on the dishwasher tonight - am I good or what?

My handsome man is going to try to be home early enough tomorrow to watch the VEEP candidates battle it out. I hope he does, so that I have someone to yell at through the debate! Poor Flake - if he doesn't get home in time, she's 'it'!!! My gut feeling is that all of the hype about Palin having to cram 24-7 since she was named is just glorified B.S. I think that it's all been a publicity farce, and that she is going to wipe up the floor with Biden. Hope not, but afraid so. We'll see!

Signing off for tonight - Blessings to all of you!!!

Patti J.
~Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day. ~Polish Proverb

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chatdumpgirl said...

and i've been doing my best NOT to think of things.... smooches to you, your flakey one, and your manly one