Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Busy weeks....again!


Can't believe how busy I've been the last few weeks! My mind's a bit fuzzy from 3 different time zones in 6 weeks, but I'm beginning to get caught up!

I thought I'd post a few more never published cards. Hope I'm not boring you all! If you have questions, leave a comment and I'll try to answer!

Hope to be done traveling about September 7th for a while! At that point, I'm going to be doing a MAJOR de-stash, so keep checking back! I may have something you cannot live without, at bargain prices!

This first card was stamped onto a background that was created by our granddaughter. She gave me the artwork as a gift, and I used it for a birthday card for her 7th birthday. She's 8 now, so you know how long this has been in my files ready to post!

And, here is the inside! I can't remember what we popped up on the inside, but it was probably a gift card.

This one was created for my bestie when their big red Bella crossed the rainbow bridge.

Thanks for stopping by!

Patti J.


Cheryl W said...

Awesome array of cards, Patti! And they're definitely not boring. Sweet idea to use your granddaughter's artwork to make her birthday card. And that last one cracked me up. Now I know what my bra size means. LOL

*Vicki* said...

So many wonderful cards here Patti! What a wonderful idea to keep artwork from the grands and make a card to share with them later in life! Very sweet card for your bestie as well as those wonderful cards to send smiles too! I'm a huge Snoopy fan! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and I'm glad you're enjoying your time with family my friend!

Gail L. said...

All great cards Patti!
Love the sentiments!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Such cute cards. I particularly loved reading about your granddaughter making a background that you turned into a card for her. Heart ❤️

Lynette said...

Welcome back, Patti! Awesome cards. Did you say earlier that you were in Colorado? So was I.

Lena said...

What a fun variety of cards. Don't you wish for 36 hour days? I keep wishing and hoping, but it's not happening, dang it! :-)
Big hugs,