Monday, July 31, 2017

Project of the Week - The House that Stamps Built

Good morning!

I'm the Monday morning hostess at The House that Stamps Built. It's my turn to share a 'Project of the Week' with all of you.  Today, I chose 'Inking with Finger Daubers' for my tutorial.

For this tutorial, I'm using these Repeat Impressions stamps:

First, gather your supplies.  You will need a few inks, a few finger daubers, and a fun stamp.

Using a finger dauber, ink up the first cat, being sure not to ink up any of the other parts of the stamp.

Stamp the first image, and repeat the process on the second cat, using a different ink and dauber.

Here is what it looks like.  As you can see, I got a bit of ink on the 'framework' of the stamp.
No worries!

Repeat the process using a third dauber and ink color.

At this point, the cats were 'masked' using some scraps of post it notes.  Once all
of the masks were in place, I daubed black ink on the frame.

Before stamping, careful and quickly remove the scaps of post it notes.
You can see in the image below, that only the frame has ink on it.

Here's what it looks like with all Post-It's removed.

Stamp the image.

Here is your finished image - pretty cool, right?

Now, all you have to do is finish your card!  Voila!

Last, here is a close-up of the stamped image....

We hope that you will give this a try! Come back and let us know if you do - we'd love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.


Sue said...

Patti, what a fun card and I love how you framed the cats! Cute kitty stamps.
Thanks for sharing your process for making this delightful card, my friend.


Verna Angerhofer said...

Fun card design and I have done masking on stamps too before to get just a portion of it.

Cheryl W said...

I had never thought to use finger daubers to ink up a stamp. Thanks for the tutorial, Patti!

Beth Norman said...

Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial. Sticky notes were a good idea. I have a stamp I want to do similar to what you did and I wondered how I was going to cover up bits of my stamp, and now I know thanks to you! Have a great day!

*Vicki* said...

Oh I just love this wonderful design Patti!! The images are too cute and thank you for the great tutorial on how you've done this!! HUGS :)