Sunday, January 10, 2010

Does Anyone Know???

I currently hold my workshops (classes?) at my LSS.

However, we have a huge sunporch, and it's not used for much. I am considering holding these workshops at home, rather than in town. It's a lot of work to move all tools and supplies to town and carry them up and down two flights of steps.

Does anyone know the legalities of doing something like this in one's home?

If I do a free workshop, it's probably not an issue - it would just be like having company in, etc., and our homeowner's insurance would kick in if one of the ladies fell and got hurt.

However, we all know we can't afford to do classes several times monthly for free. If we charge for the classes in our home, will homeowner's insurance still cover?

I'm hoping that someone knows the answers! I plan to contact our agent tomorrow, but thought I'd ask the 'smartest audience in the world' first!

Big hugs!

Patti J.


Dawnll said...

I would call your insurance agent, we did when I started doing classes at home to make sure about the legalities...yes we upped ours just in case because they are going downstairs at our house.

craftieodmae said...

I haven't a clue, but would like to know. Call your agent for sure.

CraftinGranny said...

Hi Patty, I'm not sure about your insurance but there are a lot of tax breaks if you have a home based business. If you just keep it as a hobby I don't think you have to do anything. Check with your CPA or accountant to be sure. Personally, I'd much rather have workshops in my craftroom. Good luck on whatever you decide!
"Hugs" Granny

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

It would be worth considering Public Liability Insurance ... it shouldn't cost more than two or three hundred dollars for the year. Your insurance company would have a relevant department who would be able to assist.

I did classes at home up until late last year and can tell you, even the most careful of people will spill something, trip over something and more. So you need insurance to cover them if they hurt themselves etc (PL, and the one on your home insurance won't cover because you are doing classes for payment) and you will need Accidental Damage cover, for all those little things that can happen - like red ink on a white mat, because the friend/student dropped the ink pad five metres from where it should have been at the table, LOL!

Justa Ann Nabors said...

Just be careful and do call your insurance company. Most homeowners have accidential coverage as a part of the insurance. But ask first. Better safe than sorry. Wish I lived close..Hugs!!! Justa

Suzanne said...

Hmmmm...I need the answer to this one too. Good question!