Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, tonight's 'job' was to go to the dungeon (oops, I meant the basement), and take down about 6 or 8 four by eight panels off of the ceiling to see what we are going to get into when redoing the plumbing and venting. Ewwww...... These panels have been there since about '70, and many little furry critters have apparently scurried around on them, leaving behind some unwanted souveniers. Needless to say, when Stan the Man said that I was no longer needed, the shower was next on my agenda! This new bathroom is going to be beautiful when it is finished, but God sure needs to send me some patience (NOW!) as twitching my nose like in "Bewitched" is not working! Will keep you posted as we progress!

G'night...Patti J.

~If you rest, you rust.
~Helen Hayes

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